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B638 100x180cm Piet Hein, Mathsson & Arne Jacobsen.

Spectacular dimensions….

The essence of a large dining table or working table

reduced to the purest, functional - timeless form by worldwide

esteemed trio Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson and Arne Jacobsen and

expertly made – to last - by Fritz Hansen, of course.

This large rectangular 100x180cm version - no longer in production – features a graphic simplicity with sateen polished aluminum table

edge, the signature chromed span legs and a white laminate top.

Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson & Arne Jacobsen 1968.

Made by Fritz Hansen 2013 (carries Fritz Hansen label and the identification/serial number mark as well)

Condition: flawless / simply stunning!  As new…

H:73cm W:100cm L:180cm Item 23285.


P. Westergaard rosewood ext. dining table. L<248cm

Excellent choice of materials & expert woodwork.

Draw leaves each adding 54 cm / max length of 248cm.

Dark & intricate rosewood grain patterns & cols…

– even to the solid rosewood round and tapered legs.

Well-built table from P. Westergaard Møbelfabrik.

Beautifully restored.

H:73cm W:90cm L:140  - 248cm. Item 23323.


Teak raised edges coffee / side / end table.

Craftsman´s details to this two tier accent, side,

or coffee table w/ raised lips to top. Profiled apron.

The teak shelf held by brass suspenders.

Distinctly tapered legs.

Highly versatile, quality-made, sought-after dimensions.

Beautifully restored.

H:60cm W:68cm D:40cm. Item 23322.


R. Thygesen & J. Sørensen table Ø64 Magnus Olesen.

Easily recognizable, circular dining table in molded beech wood

with a practical linoleum top in offwhite.

Not often seen / sought after diameter of 64cm only.

Signature detail: made without screws or dowels!

A bold yet timeless and minimalist design

Design by Rud Thygensen & Johnny Sørensen as part

of their 8000-series for maker Magnus Olesen.

Table carries well-preserved Magnus Olesen label.

Re-finished - like new..   

H:71cm Diameter: 64 cm. Incl. legs 79cm. Item 23353.


Teak two-tier coffee table.

The essence of a Danish Modern teak coffee table reduced to the purest, minimalist and functional form.

That sought-after (teak) magazine shelf.

Beautiful teak configuration patterns & a warm hue.

Would wbe perfect also as a display/console-table.

Round tapered solid teak legs.

Restored with insignificant wear to top.

H:54cm W:51cm L:148cm. Item 23321.


Teak serving / bar cart / tiled top trolley.

Teak frame and ceramic tiled top …

featuring small brown tiles with a raised pattern.

Both top and underlying teak shelf with raised sides.

Rolling on the original casters.

Highly versatile and multifunctional as an occasional table, coffee table w/the practical tiles or as a serving

cart / tea trolley.  Tiles all intact, of course.

Teak frame restored.

H:58cm W:48cm L:64cm. Item 23344.


Johannes Andersen model 240 teak coffee table / CFC.

This extremely rare, eye-catching and beautifully restored coffee table model 240 features an organic shaped, integrated shelf.

Ingenious Johannes Andersen design & superb quality.  

The stunning table is well-built, of course, and the entire sides,

legs and banding are all solid teak.

Insane old growth teak grain patterns & a warm teak hue. 

Would work perfectly also as a display /console table.

Designed by Johannes Andersen and the table carries maker’s emblem: CFC / C.F Christensen, Silkeborg.

Beautifully restored.

H:56cm L:159cm B:57cm. Item #23125.  


Børge Mogensen teak coffee table. Søborg Møbelfabrik.

Outstanding, this one..

Designed by Mogensen as early as 1952 and offers solid old-growth

teak with an insane and warm hue.

Raised lips to top.Base withsolid oak slanted legs.

Black steel stretchers with Børge Mogensen´s signature brass 

screws incorporated in the design. Dimensions are adding versatility.

A stunning example of Mogensen’s design and his eye for timeless aesthetics and excellent choice of materials. Made to last.

Børge Mogensen 1952 for Søborg Møbelfabrik.

(unmarked, which is common for this model)

Beautifully restored. Epic, this one.

H:52cm W:51cm L:99cm. Item 23251.


Rosewood butterfly leaf circular dining table.

Exquisite, this one…

Grains beyond description!

The sought-after butterfly leaf is being "opened' into place,

it appears to have wings like a butterfly .... 

A center seam with brass hinges allows the leaf to fold and stack

to slide under tabletop for storage. 

Both tabletop and the ext leaf offer the most insane Brazilian rosewood grain patterns!

Round tapered legs in dark stained mahogany.

The unmarked/unlabeled table is fully restored….

H:73cm W:122cm L:122 -176cm. Item 23085.


Arne Hovmand Olsen teak model 54 tambour desk.

Rare, iconic,  fully restored model 54, kidney-shaped double-sided desk offering a circular storage section with a large tambour /

roll sliding door. Inside a stunning Lazy Susan carousel bar, and

a rotating drawer hidden in apron.  

Four drawers with the easily recognizable signature FM eyelid pulls. Comes with the original key, of course.

Often sold as a Kai Kristiansen desk but is in fact designed by Arne Hovmand Olsen in 1954 for Feldballe Møbelfabrik before Kai joined them in 1958. Kai does not wish to take credit for this one.

The desk is fully restored ….

H:74cm W:137cm D:70cm. Item 21733.


Omann model 54 rosewood dining table. L <254cm

Easily recognizable and flawless…

Every line designed & made with high-level detailing.

Rosewood grains & cols out of this world…

Draw leaves for extended version up to 254cm.

Rounded edges, solid joints, sculpted detailing around each corner. Rounded tapered legs.

A high caliber quality made table in timeless design.

Would also work perfectly as a large desk / working table.

Fully restored.

H:73cm B:90cm L:145 - up to max 254cm. Item 23071.


Rosewood nest of tables / Set of three.

Insane Brazilian rosewood grain patterns!!

Purchased by former owner 3rd Dec 1965 … at the insane price

of dkk 128,-  The original receipt comes with the tables.

Bean shaped & highly versatile set of three nesting tables –

stunning together or used individually.

Sleek round tapered legs in solid grained rosewood.

Made with great attention to detail & craftsmanship.

The grain patterns are out of this world!!

Comes with original receipt dtd December 1965.

Fully restored.

H:50cm (larger) W: 62cm D:33cm. Item 23074.


Arne Jacobsen model 3571 / Caribbean mahogany.  
Extremely rare! Remarkable dimensions 110 x 220 cm!

Fully restored, timeless and stunning model 3571 dining table,

desk or conference table designed by Arne jacobsen in 1958.

A rarely seen Antilles / Caribbean mahogany XL tabletop on a

polished aluminum Shaker base. This combination is outstanding.

Superb as a dining/conference table or an XL-desk.

Arne Jacobsen originally for SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen 1958

and expertly made by Fritz Hansen.

This specific table dates to 1970, verified by the Fritz Hansen label preserved under tabletop. 

The aluminum base is gently polished. The tabletop is refurbished. 

H:73cm W:110cm L:220cm. Item 22840.


Johannes Andersen model 231 teak nesting tables.

Highly sculptural and very elegant set of three nesting tables

featuring stunning craftsmanship details and organic shapes:

amazing construction with solid teak rounded profiles, sculpted

Y-legged X-frame, the subtle curves to tabletops and raised edges

to the larger table. Superb, this set....

A set of well-crafted tables to notice and admire..

Design: Johannes Andersen for maker C.F Christensen/CFC.

Fully restored. 

H:52cm W:70cm D:40 (larger table) Item 23019.


Omann Jun. model 75 rosewood desk. 

A Danish Modern DNA statement piece.

Floating top desk offering excellent choice of materials and an

indisputable quality level:

front with three drawers each side, floating top providing shelves

above drawers. Freestanding. The signature Omann pulls.

Key incl. of course.

Rear : open shelf compartments & storage behind a drop-down door.

Amazing rosewood grain patterns and color. 

Fully restored with insignificant wear to top.   

H:73 cm L:154cm W:80cm. Item 22673.


Alfred Christensen ‘Boomerang’ table mod 371.

Stamped Oct 19th 1962 by high-end maker Slagelse Møbelværk,

this model 371 extendable table, well-crafted with characteristic

boomerang shaped frame, known from his matching model 370 Boomerang dining or side chair. Slanted, tapered legs.

Practical feature: the two ext plates - neatly stored under tabletop

when not used - each adding 49,5cm to impressive max 248 cm.

Showing off teak hue & grain patterns as only old-growth teak does…

Alfred Christensen model 371 /Slagelse Møbelværk.

(stamped and labeled by maker)

Fully restored with insignificant wear related to age/use.  

H:72 W:90 L:149/extended 248cm. Item 22804.


Rosewood EP401 desk / Ejgil Petersen Møbelfabrik.

There is rosewood.. and then there is …. rosewood…

This is by far the most amazing EP401 desk we had...

Brazilian rosewood grains and condition beyond description.

Simply amazingly well-built this timeless, executive desk with

aluminum details to feet tips and the six drawers with integrated

pulls and interior in light oak. Three open bookshelves to the back. Original key. 

Intricate rosewood grain patterns / cols. A superb statement piece.

EP401 / Ejgil Petersen Møbelfabrik. Mobilia 157.

Fully restored. 

H:73cm W:155cm D:75cm. Item 22588.


Arne Vodder model 212 teak table. Sibast. L< 297cm

Model 212 features a double tripod base in solid teak with an oval

top with solid teak edges. Impressive width of 123cm.

The tripods open using the two extensions adding length to this

rare dining / conference table.  Impressive length up 297cm.

Vodder's subtle & beautiful organic design combined with the

excellent craftsmanship of Sibast, give the table an understated

and highly elegant appearance.

The tripod bases feature cylindrical tapered solid teak legs.

Design: Arne Vodder ca. 1960 for maker Sibast.

Offered in original good condition.

H:72cm W:123cm L:198cm up to 297cm. Item 22302.


Johs. Andersen rosewood ext dining table / Uldum.

Danish Modern DNA: design & craftsmanship:

Elegant, timeless, and made with very high standards.

The way the legs merge with top!

Two extending leaves stored within table frame.

Interior frames pull out to not only store the leaf - but to support

the extensions as well. Ext. plates each add 35,5cm to max 244cm.

Tapered legs. Intense Brazilian rosewood grain / col.

Johannes Andersen for Uldum Møbelfabrik

Fully restored. Amazing.

H:72cm W:90cm L:173 – 208 - 244cm. Item 22118.


Teak kidney shaped desk.

A rare find.

Highly sculptural and spectacular teak kidney / jelly bean shaped freestanding desk offering a beautifully curved door with brass handle, three drawers with sculpted teak pulls.

Top is almost floating and showing off generous curves.

Finished back / rear with one large shelf.

Round tapered legs.

Love the curves and the beautiful organic shapes.

Fully restored and quite amazing.

H:73cm W:130cm D:40-63cm. Item no. 19746.


Severin Hansen nightstands / Haslev Møbelsnedkeri.

A rare find.

Beautiful pair of Severin Hansen model 35 rosewood nightstands

offering elegantly  well-made and hidden drawers in front apron

and the exquisite signature corner joinery which make his pieces

stand out. Sleek tapered legs.

Highly elegant pair -  well crafted w/ clean lines & eye for detail.

Labelled by Haslev Møbelsnedkeri / model 35 and carry the Danish Furnituremakers Quality Control label.

Fully restored. Beautiful.

H:51cm W:50cm D:35cm. Item no. 21277.


Kai Kristiansen rosewood FM-60 Feldballe Møbelfabrik.

A floating top executive desk offering grained and beautiful rosewood throughout, a floating top resting peacefully on tapered

legs, bays of floating drawers w/the signature stunning eyelid pulls.

Fully finished to the back w/storage space behind a pair of doors

and a wide shelf. Impeccable quality level and craftsmanship.

A stunning piece beautiful from every angle. Comes w/original key.

Designed in 1958 by esteemed Kai Kristiansen

Manufactured by Feldballes Møbelfabrik 1960s.

Simply amazing and fully restored condition.  

H:73cm W:180cm D:85cm. Item no. 21070.


Kristian S. Vedel ‘Modus’ / Søren Willadsen. Set of 7.

Extremely rare – this set of seven rosewood ‘Modus’ pieces:

4 rosewood armchairs

a dining table in rosewood / square w/original black hide on top.

a tall stool – rosewood – rectangular

 a stool / ottoman – rosewood – low – square

Kristian Vedel 1963. Labelled & well-crafted by Søren Willadsen.

Original stunningly well-kept black leather - well-groomed of course.

The beautifully grained rosewood parts are refinished

Chairs H44/77cm W50cm Table H66 W/L: 90/90cm. Item 21546.


Tibergaard Nielsen mod.3 Tambour kidney teak desk.

A rare find - especially in teak.

Model no. 3 highly sculptural distinctly kidney shaped freestanding

desk offering beautifully curved tambour doors, three drawers

w/ brass handles and a rear with another tambour door and shelving. 

Round tapered legs with brass shoes.

Gunnar Tibergaard Nielsen 1955 / Ikast Møbelfabrik 1950s.

Fully restored with the expected patina. Beautiful.

H:75cm W:135cm D:66cm. Item no. 20878.


H. Kjærnulf mod 62 dining/conference table. < 325cm.

Exceedingly hard to find - this Kjærnulf model 62 dining or conference

table with 4 / four teak extensions plates.

Impressive diameter 125cm (49.2 inches) this well-crafted  table 

extends to 165 – 215 – 265 and up to impressive 325cm. (128 inches).

An extra supportive leg drops down automatically when fully extended. 

Original smoothly working wooden extension mechanism,

Craftsman´s joinery & details and high caliber materials.

Design: Henning Kjærnulf 1958 & made by Sorø Stolefabrik.

Fully restored.

H:73cm Ø/W:125cm L:165-215-265-325cm. Item 21468.


Hans J. Wegner AT-309 teak/oak. Andreas Tuck. 

Iconic cross-legged drop leaf dining table designed by Wegner 1950s.

Cross leg / saw buck frame in solid oak w/ table top & detachable drop leaves in teak. Brass supports. Aesthetic timeless beautiful.

This model is no longer in production.

Burn marked by maker Andreas Tuck.

Fully restored. Stunning.

H:72cm W:86cm L:128/228cm. Item no. 19832.


Johannes Andersen teak  'The smile' / C.FC. 

A masterpiece - nicknamed "the smile" designed by

renowned Johannes Andersen 1957

Iconic & beautiful. Worldwide appreciated.

Maker is : C.F Christensen 1960s.

Fully restored w/minor wear to top.

H:50cm L:135cm W:52cm. Item no. 19035.


Holger Georg Jensen mod. 76 Starburst table / Kubus.

Rare & truly amazing sculptural solid teak coffee table featuring

three distinctively shaped legs terminating in a triangular base.

Starburst circular top – large version diameter of 105cm with a 

stunning pattern to the veneer. Brass fittings.

Design Søren Georg Jensen for maker Kubus.

Labelled by Kubus w/ designer, model 76 & warranty no. 0770.

Fully restored.

H:53cm Diameter: 101cm.  Item no. 21162.


Børge Mogensen ‘Øresund’  Oak Ø130/ L<216cm.  

This oak model 140 Børge Mogensen table comes w/ two

internal foldable leaves. 

Especially appealing to the eye is the oval brass detailing & excellent craftsmanship around apron.

Leaves each 43cm so fully extended it measures 216cm.

Part of Øresund series designed by Mogensen 1955.

Old model by Karl Andersson & Söner 1960s. (labeled)

Fully restored.

H:72cm Diameter: 130cm L:173/216cm. Item no 20580.


Finn Juhl ‘Diplomat’ executive desk by Cado.

Simply impressive in appearance, size & quality.

Rosewood & mahogany executive desk featuring the beautiful signature cast aluminum pulls, an attractive figure to

the rosewood, four original keys, two suspended drawer units

each w/two drawers & pull out leaves w/ green felt under glass. 

Top & drawer units in rosewood while frame & tapered legs are mahogany. Colors beautifully matched.

Designed by Finn Juhl  1961 for France & Son / Cado.

Fully restored. Stunning. 

H:72cm W:95cm L:190cm. Item no. 20572.


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