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Kai Kristiansen ‘Paperknife’ rosewood 4-seater.

Extremely rare, the rosewood 4-seater Paperknife model 124 from

Kai Kristiansen's 121 -series designedin 1956 for Magnus Olesen.

Iconic and striking design by master Kai Kristiansen who will be

able to celebrate his 95th birthday later this year.

The ‘Paperknife’ was his first design for Magnus Olesen and the 121-series is still worldwide sought-after.

Not much description needed…  you know.

Intense & beautiful drawings to the rosewood.

Original cushions w/ original wool upholstery.

The solid rosewood frame is beautifully restored.


H:43/76cm W:215cm D:76cm. Item 24156.                     


Erik Buck / model OD-49 rosewood / Set of six.

The iconic chair model 49, designed in 1957, features a “floating”

seat and a timeless Danish Modern aesthetics, OD-49 is strong,

sturdy, comfortable and well-built and showing off a characteristic, sculptural and beautiful profile.

Old growth rosewood, gorgeous drawings / cols.

Original, stunningly well-kept vinyl to both back-rests and seats.

Erik Buck (Buch) 1957 / Oddense Maskinsnedkeri.

Labelled by maker / carry Danish Furniture-maker’s Quality Control

metal emblem….

The rosewood frames (refinished, cleaned, oiled, polished) remain

in stunningly well-kept condition.

H:45/80cm W:50cm D:53cm. Item 24196.


Svend Aage Eriksen model GM-11 rosewood / Glostrup.

Expressive rosewood & cognac leather.

Exquisite & timeless solid rosewood desk- or dining  / side or

occasional chair model GM-11 designed in 1962 by Danish

Svend Aage Eriksen for maker Glostrup Møbelfabrik.

Sculpted arm rest & a beautifully organic curved frame.

Arm rests in boomerang shape.

Expressive & rich drawings to the solid rosewood.

Original stunningly well-kept faux leather.

Rarely seen well-kept cognac leather to seat & backrest.

The solid rosewood frame is beautifully restored.  

H:45/77cm W:62cm D:54cm. Item 24209.


Hans J. Wegner model GE-673 / Getama.

The iconic and highly sculptural GE-673 rocking chair, designed by master Hans J Wegner in 1967 and known as ‘The keyhole’ surely

is a master piece.

Eye-catching, bold, part sculpture - part chair, and well-built to

last for more than one generation, this remarkable chair showcases

the hall mark of Danish Modern design: craftsmanship, materials,

and construction detailing.  

Perfect combo of solid oak & cognac col leather.

Design: Hans J. Wegner 1967 for maker Getama. (burn stamped)

Seat & backrest and neck cushion in cognac leather offered in

excellent and well-kept condition.

The solid oak construction is beautifully restored.

H:38/102cm W:74cm D:86cm. Item 24173.

Price: dkk 10.900,-

Teak model KS 21 Korup Stolefabrik / Set of 8.

Rightfully described as a masterpiece…

An overall striking design & a true eye catcher:

the generously, gracefully curved back rest, the small arm rests,

the angled rear posts to a boomerang detailed body.

Gorgeous teak drawings to the wood.

One of the most sought-after Danish Modern chairs.

The model is KS-21 from Korup Stolefabrik - see their original ad.

Original wool upholstery with wear.

Teak frames are checked, double-checked and remain in

beautiful and pristine condition.

H:45/76cm W:54cm D:50cm. Item 24109


Arne Wahl Iversen teak mod GS61 / Set of six.

A highly sculptural solid teak structure with a generously curved back-rest and organic details to the teak frames.

Seats with their original greenish wool upholstery offered in stunningly well-kept condition.  

Teak frames are restored and beautiful.

Arne Wahl Iversen 1957 / GS/Glyngøre Stolefabrik.

H:45/80cm W:48cm D:48cm. Item 24097.


Hans J. Wegner GE-375 low back / Getama.

A design icon designed by Wegner in 1969.

Highly sculptural with the signature remarkably wide arm rests

– a typical and amazing Wegner feature.

GE-375 chairs can be connected to make a sofa.

Purchased by previous one owner in 1975 and protected, nursed,

well taken care of.. thus, in insanely well-kept condition throughout.

Burn marked by Getama, of course.

Reupholstery done by Getama!! in a light mélange brown top 

quality wool. Simply like new!

The solid oak, light soap-treated frame refinished to perfection.

H:40/95cm W:86cm D:98cm. Item 23652.


Kai Kristiansen rosewood model 42. Set of eight!

Without a doubt one of the most exquisite chair designs ever.

Insanely sculptural & beautiful model 42 in rosewood.

Intricate graining & color.

Designed by Kai Kristiansen 1956 for Schou Andersen.

Upholstery with wear.

Frames all in excellent - original - condition.

H:45/73cm B:53cm D:56cm. Item 23718.


Hans J. Wegner GE-290 / 3.  Getama.

An eye catching & timeless architectural masterpiece designed

by Wegner as early as 1953.

The brilliance of Wegner’s GE-290 design is so obvious, easily

recognizable and internationally acknowledged. 

This design is so ingenious and dynamic.

Clearly burn-marked by maker Getama, of course.

Stunningly well-kept original sprung cushions in a durable, timeless Hallingdal 65 in a beautiful blue col.

Plank armrests with our signature butter smooth finish.

The solid oak frame is beautifully restored.

H:40/70cm W:180cm D:84cm. Item 23701.


Hans J. Wegner GE-290 oak high back / Getama.

Iconic. Designed in 1953, designed and made to last.

This chair will last more than one generation.

Burn-marked by maker Getama, of course.

Original sprung cushions in Hallingdal 65 in a striking bright blue col are stunningly well-kept.

Plank armrests with our signature butter smooth finish.

The solid oak frame is beautifully restored.

H:40/95cm W:76cm D:84cm. Item 23700.


2023-10-11 14.41.19

Arne Hovmand Olsen model 71 / Mogens Kold.

This is a sculpture.

Would also work perfectly as a chair.

Extremely rare set of six model 71. A 'once-in-a-life time-find'..

Insanely sculptural. Breathtaking. Lost for words.

Model 71. Teak/afrormosia. Black nylon wrapped armrests.

Design:  renowned Arne Hovmand Olsen 1959 for maker Mogens Kold.

Nylon wrap is intact. Original seats reupholstered w/ off white Boucle' 

The frames are gently & beautifully restored.

H:45/77cm W:49cm D:53cm. Item 23512.


Rosewood model KS 21 Korup Stolefabrik.

Rightfully described as a masterpiece…

An overall striking design & a true eye catcher:

the generously, gracefully curved back rest, the lovely small arm

rests, the angled rear posts to A-framed / boomerang detailed body..

Exquisite rosewood grain patterns & intense cols.

One of the most sought-after Danmish Modern chairs.

The model is KS-21 from Korup Stolefabrik. 

Reupholstered in black, soft faux leather.

The rosewood frames are beautifully restored.  

H:45/76cm W:54cm D:50cm. Item 23157.


Hans J. Wegner CH-29 teak sawbuck chairs. Set of six.

.. A rare find..  the teak version…

Designed by Wegner as early as 1952 this iconic sawbuck shaped 

CH-29 dining chair – called Sawbuck chair due to the leg shape

resembling that of simple sawbucks / saw horses used by carpenters

or woodworkers.

The simple construction provides an incredible comfort and the design

is so appealing and visually unique.

Vintage CH-29 chairs are often found in oak or teak/oak combined

but the teak version is a rare find.

Design: Hans J. Wegner in 1952 for maker Carl Hansen & Søn.

All six chairs are burn-marked, of course.

Recent upholstery with wear and they deserve better. 

The solid teak frames are beautifully restored.

H:44/81cm W:47cm D:48cm. Item 23404.

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2023-06-21 08.02.44
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Vestervig Eriksen - Brazilian roseowood – Tromborg.

Extremely rare set ...

of six solid Brazilian rosewood Vestervig-Eriksen dining chairs.

A hard-to-find model, sculptural & highly elegant – featuring spindle

legs, a curved backrest and a seat slightly hollowed out for maximum comfort and the two-pointed uprights of the backrest give the chair

that remarkable, singular character to admire and remember.

Insanely attractive design combined with the craftsmanship, the

overall quality level and the Brazilian rosewood drawings:

the epitome of Danish Modern at its finest.    

H. Vestervig Eriksen / Maker Brdr. Tromborg’s Eftf. - confirmed by the stamps made underneath seats with new soft black artificial leather.

Beautifully restored solid Brazilian rosewood frames.

H:43/86cm W:52cm D:45cm. Item 21389.


Hans J. Wegner GE-290 three-seater / Getama.

Iconic. A masterpiece. Designed & made to last.

The brilliance of Wegner’s GE-290 design is obvious and recognizable

when viewed from the side: the tension between the forward

thrust of the front legs and backward stance of the hind legs:

that detail is so ingenious and dynamic.

Quality is impeccable.

Designed by Hans J. Wegner 1953 for Getama.

Burn-marked by maker Getama, of course.

Original sprung cushions with grey Hallingdal wool remain in good


Plank armrests with our signature butter smooth finish.

The solid oak frame is fully restored.

H:40/70cm W:180cm D:84cm. Item 23102.


N.O Møller model 78 / rosewood. Set of six.

Pristine and iconic set of dining chairs designed by Niels O. Moller

in 1962 and expertly made by his own J.L. Møller Møbelfabrik.

Aesthetics, design, and excellent quality.

The stunning set is made of grained solid rosewood.

Seats with well-maintained coffee brown leather.

Frames are thoroughly checked and refinished.

Mint condition.

If you know - you know.... 

Design: N.O Møller 1962 J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik.

H:45/80cm W:49cm D:50cm. Item no. 22207.


Hans J. Wegner 'The Chair' model JH 503. Oak

Hans J Wegner  'the chair' model JH 503 designed in 1949.

This worldwide well-known and appreciated icon is offered in

solid - perfectly patinated - oak with the original seat in stunningly

 well-kept black leather.  

Old model from maker Johannes Hansen (imprinted)

Fully restored frame. Well-groomed leather. Beautiful.

H:45/76cm W:64cm D:54cm. Item no. 18486


Rosewood model 21 / Korup Stolefabrik / Set of 5.

Beautiful & sculptural:  the deeply curved back-rest

& the tiny arm rests. Solid rosewood w/ply backrest. Angled rear posts.

Korup Stolefabrik (stamped)

No, Kai Kristiansen is not the designer. He never worked with Korup.

According to Kai himshelf he did not design the chair - rightfully

model 21 and not model 32 as often stated.  

Re-upholstered with high standard cold foam  & soft black faux leather.

H:45/76cm W:50cm D:53cm. Item no. 18638/701.


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