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Rud Thygesen & J. Sørensen model 45 / Magnus Olesen.

Set of 7 model 45 armchairs in molded beech wood using patented Magnus Olesen technology, the chair is incredibly strong, and

flexible despite the low weight.

This set of seven – in molded lacquered beech – with the original – insanely well-kept – wool upholstery four chairs with black and

three chairs with blue.

Designed by duo Rud Thygesen & Johanny Sørensen in 1975 for

maker Magnus Olesen (all with maker’s label)

The set in stunning re-finished condition.

H:45/79cm W:50 D:50cm Item 23304.


Sven Ellekær rosewood lounge chair. Chr. Linneberg.

Very rare, insanely sculptural, and eye-catching rosewood chair

designed by Sven Ellekær in 1962.

A striking organic shape with the semi-circular backrest and a large, circled, almost floating, seat on a tri-legged rosewood frame.

The solid rosewood base continues upwards and merges so beautifully with the back-rest. A clear reference to his tri-legged coffee table.  

Design: Sven Ellekær 1962 for high-end maker Chr. Linneberg.

A rare beauty from the top shelf.

The design is remarkable and the quality outstanding.

Original, stunningly well-kept black leather upholstery.

The rosewood frame is beautifully restored.

H:40/65cm W:80cm D:67cm. Item 23175.


N.O Møller model 78 Cuban mahogany. Set of six.

Pristine, rare, and iconic set of six exquisite dining chairs designed

by Niels Otto Møller 1962 and expertly made by his own J.L. Møller Møbelfabrik early 1960s.

Aesthetic, design, and expert woodwork at its finest.

Model 78 does not need further introduction.

This stunning set is made of rarely seen solid, light Cuban mahogany,

and purchased by previous (one) owner in 1963.

Seats w/ original upholstery. Frames thoroughly checked & refinished.

The six chairs are all in mint condition.

Design: N.O Møller 1962 J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik.

H:44/78cm W:50cm D:50cm. Item 23240.


Kai Kristiansen model 31 rosewood / set of six.

Model 31 is among the most sought-after Danish Modern chairs

- and we understand why.

The easily recognizable model 31 featuring that distinctly curved

back rest and the angled rear posts. 

Highly comfortable & well-built w/ craftsman’s details.

Design Kai Kristiansen 1956 / maker Schou Andersen.

Hallingdal wool upholstery in light grey tones upholstery as new.

The solid rosewood frames offering intense grain patterns / cols

remain in a rarely seen well-kept and flawless condition.

H:44/75cm B:49cm D:51cm. Item 23231.


Hans J. Wegner GE-290 three-seater / Getama.

Iconic. A masterpiece. Designed & made to last.

The brilliance of Wegner’s GE-290 design is obvious and recognizable

when viewed from the side: the tension between the forward

thrust of the front legs and backward stance of the hind legs:

that detail is so ingenious and dynamic.

Quality is impeccable.

Designed by Hans J. Wegner 1953 for Getama.

Burn-marked by maker Getama, of course.

Original sprung cushions with grey Hallingdal wool remain in good


Plank armrests with our signature butter smooth finish.

The solid oak frame is fully restored.

H:40/70cm W:180cm D:84cm. Item 23102.


Grete Jalk mod 128 rosewood / A pair. France & Søn.

An extremely rare find .... the solid Brazilian rosewood version.

A stunning pair in rich rosewood features very exuberant timber grains and intricate, dark cols.  

Jalk´s model 128 is such an impressive piece from the top shelf.

Grete Jalk 1963 for top-level maker France & Søn.

Both carry edallion with engraved series numbers and logo from high-end maker France & Daverkosen / France & Søn. 

Original buttoned leather cushions w/ overall wear/discoloration.

The rosewood frame in a refinished, impeccable, flawless, rarely seen amazing condition. 

H:42/77cm W:79cm D:77cm. Item 23095.


Grete Jalk mod 128 rosewood 3-seater. France & Søn.

A very rare solid Brazilian rosewood 3-seater designed by Jalk

 for France & Son 1963.

This beauty in rich rosewood features very exuberant timber grains

and intricate, dark cols.  An impressive piece from the top shelf:

the design, the Brazilian rosewood, the craftsmanship and the amazing quality, of course.

Carries makers medallion with engraved series no. to the inside frame and their embossed logo: France & Daverkosen / France & Søn. 

Original buttoned leather cushions with overall wear/dis-coloration.

The Brazilian rosewood frame in a refinished, impeccable, flawless,

rarely seen amazing condition. 

H:42/77cm W:207cm D:77cm. Item 23096.


Hans J. Wegner teak daybed sofa model 258 / Getama.

Rare.... the early t e a k version with the original round teak legs.

Not much description needed here...

This iconic and brilliantly constructed sofa doubles as a single bed

when the flip-up backrest up back - a hidden space for blankets,

pillows etc. is lifted. Lifting mechanism working smoothly, of course.

All original.

Marked by Getama. Designed by Hans J. Wegner

Seat and flip-up back with original upholstery in yellow/green wool

with wear and shading..

The teak parts are restored.

H:40/70cm L:195cm W:86cm. Item 23006.


KS21 teak & oak / Korup Stolefabrik. Set of six.

So very appealing to the eye…

the generously curved back rest, the lovely small arm rests and

the angled rear posts to an A-framed body.

Back-rest/armrests in beautifully grained teak. Frame in solid oak.

A highly sculptural, worldwide sought-after, well-built side or

dining chair, the model KS21 from Korup Stolefabrik.  

Original seats reupholstered in soft black faux leather.

The frames are fully restored.  

H:45/75cm W:54cm D:55cm. Item 22758.


Hans Olsen attrib. easy chairs.  A pair.

Very rare, the low back lounge version…

Stunning pair of Hans Olsen easy chairs featuring that spectacular

and sculptural detail: solid teak armrests continuing beautifully

around and forming the curved backrest.

Frame in solid oak & arm/back rest in solid teak.

The chair is seen in both a dining/armchair version and in this rare low lounge or easy chair version.

Clearly excellent quality & craftsmanship and usually offered as / or attributed to Hans Olsen for unknown Danish maker 1960s.

Seat and backrest reupholstered: new quality foam and soft, black imitation leather.  Teak & oak frame / back & arm rest restored.

H:40/77cm W:59cm D:63cm. Item 22806.


Hans J. Wegner GE-290 teak / Getama.

GE-290 in solid teak. Iconic. A masterpiece.

The brilliance of Wegner’s 1953 design is obvious, easily recognizable

and clearly seen when viewed from the side, the tension between

the forward thrust of the front legs and the backward stance of

the hind legs is so dynamic. The GE-290 is rightfully an icon.

Marked by Getama, of course. Quality is impeccable.

Original sprung cushions/original upholstery. Reupholstery not needed.

The teak frame is fully restored.

H:40/70cm W:76cm D:84cm. Item no. 22700.


Hans J. Wegner GE-290 teak highback & ottoman.

Iconic GE-290 high back with the matching ottoman.

In solid teak.

Designed 1953 and considered as a masterpiece – worldwide.

The GE-290 is easily recognizable and when viewed from the side,

the tension between the forward thrust of the front legs and the

backward stance of the hind legs is so dynamic.

Here offered with the matching solid teak footstool/ottoman.

Both marked by Getama, of course. Impeccable quality.

Original well-kept upholstery covering the original sprung cushions.

The teak frames are fully restored.

H:40/90cm W:76 D:88 Stool: H:37cm. Item 22701.


Erik Buch model OD61 rosewood. A pair.

Designed by Buch 1961, the OD-61 bar stool is rightfully an icon:

an elegant frame w/ slanted legs holding that stunning footrest

and the almost round seat with a spectacular short back rest.

Extremely pleasing for the eyes…

Solid Brazilian rosewood frames offer intricate grain patterns.

Seats with the original black faux leather – like new.

Erik Buch 1961 / Oddense Maskinsnedkeri 1960s.

Both chairs carry the original foil label from maker.

Rosewood frames are refinished and the seats remain in a stunningly well-kept condition. 


Hans J. Wegner GE290 / 3. Oak / Getama.

A worldwide appreciated classic icon designed as early as 1953.

Here a 3-seater GE-290 in solid natural light oak offering the

beautiful signature plank arm rests.

The original sprung cushions are expertly re-upholstered in

high-quality light grey wool. 

The well-crafted, well-constructed solid oak frame is fully

restored and the sofa is offered in a stunning condition. 

The sofa has the designers & makers burn mark. Of course.

H:71cm Seat:41cm W:181cm D:83cm. Item no. 19490.


N.O Møller model 78 / rosewood. Set of six.

Pristine and iconic set of dining chairs designed by Niels O. Moller

in 1962 and expertly made by his own J.L. Møller Møbelfabrik.

Aesthetics, design, and excellent quality.

The stunning set is made of grained solid rosewood.

Seats with well-maintained coffee brown leather.

Frames are thoroughly checked and refinished.

Mint condition.

If you know - you know.... 

Design: N.O Møller 1962 J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik.

H:45/80cm W:49cm D:50cm. Item no. 22207.


A.Wahl Iversen rosewood mod GS61 / Set of six.

Beautiful and sought-after set of six solid Brazilian rosewood

chairs offering a highly sculptural structure with a generously

curved back-rest and organic details to the richly grained

rosewood frames. Seats with original patinated leather.

Rosewood frames are fully restored and beautiful.

Arne Wahl Iversen 1957 for GS/Glyngøre Stolefabrik.

H:45/80cm W:48cm D:48cm. Item no. 22084.


Hans J. Wegner GE-240 ‘Cigar’ / A pair.

Early and matching pair of GE-240 ‘Cigar’ easy chairs well-crafted

in beautiful solid natural light oak.

The design of this icon is unparalleled and the impressive “cigar” shaped arms show off the natural beauty of the oak wood grain

and quality. Flawless joinery & craftsmanship throughout.

Designed by Wegner 1955 for Getama. (burn marked)

Original sprung cushions. Upholstery with wear related to age.

The frames are fully restored and simply stunning.

H:38/73cm W:68cm D:80cm. Item no. 21864.


Ole Wanscher PJ-112 Cuban mahogany. A pair.

Early, rare & stunning pair in solid Cuban mahogany.

The execution is impeccable, of course and the design is timeless and highly elegant. Designed and made to last.

Design by Wanscher 1951 for Poul Jeppesen / PJ Møbelfabrik.

One carries the metal badge/medallion from PJ Møbelfabrik.

Original loose navy-blue cushions in well-kept wool.

The stunning light Cuban mahogany frames remain in untouched mint condition.  An exquisite and beautiful pair.  

H:41/76cm W:66cm D:71cm. Item no. 21972.


Harry Østergaard rosewood dining chairs. Set of 6.

Amazing set of six solid rosewood chairs offering craftsmanship, design and the quality defining exquisite Danish Modern furniture.

A graceful organically sculpted backrest on a slightly angled

frame w/ round tapered legs. The signature X-base.

Harry Østergaard  / Made by Randers Møbelfabrik.

Later upholstery (late 1980s) well-kept & fully intact.

Frames gently re-finished. Every cm & joinery checked.

H:45/77cm W:51cm D:47cm. Item no. 21852.


Hans J. Wegner teak/oak CH-30 chairs. Set of 8.

Amazing set of eight early teak & oak CH-30 -

designed in 1954 - embodies Wegner’s design and Danish Modern craftsmanship cleverly enhanced by sophisticated details such

as the cruciform hoods on the oval, curved teak backrest that pitches back in line with the rear legs to ensure ultimate comfort.

Burn marked: Made in Denmark / Hans J. Wegner /

Carl Hansen & Søn, Odense.

Original seats w/ later well-maintained upholstery.

Frames fully restored. Exquisite & rare set of eight.

H:44/75cm W:51cm D:47cm. Item no. 21765.

Modus 4

Kristian S. Vedel ‘Modus’ / Søren Willadsen. Set of 7.

Extremely rare – this set of seven rosewood ‘Modus’ pieces:

   . 4 rosewood armchairs.

   . dining table – rosewood – square w/original black hide on top.

   . tall stool – rosewood – rectangular 

   . stool / ottoman – rosewood – low and square

Designed by Kristian Vedel 1963.

Labelled & well-crafted by maker Søren Willadsen.

Original stunningly well-kept black leather.

Complete set in an amazing condition - the best we ever met.

The beautifully grained rosewood parts are refinished and the 

leather well-groomed. Leather on table showing beautiful patina.

Chairs H44/77cm W50cm Table H66 W/L: 90/90cm. Item 21546.


Arne Jacobsen mod 4130 Grand Prix / Set of 5.

A rare find.... the old teak version.. 

Highly sculptural and iconic chairs in moulded teak, beech legs,

assembly fittings underneath the floating seat. (i.e older version)

Model 4130 was designed by Afrne Jacobsen in 1957 and named

Grand Prix  after the highest  award given – the ’Grand Prix Award'

in the Milan show the same year.

Made June 1970 (one is labelled by maker Fritz Hansen)

All remain in excellent – re-finished – condition.

All with sturdy & firm backs. Minor wear to seat edges.  

H:44/78cm W:49cm D:50cm. Item no. 21548.


Kai Kristiansen rosewood model 42. Set of 6.

No further introduction needed.

A masterpiece.  

Kai Kristiansen 1956 / made by Schou Andersen 1960s.

Original & well-kept wool in a beautiful blue col.  

Rosewood frames in mint original condition.

H:45/74cm B:55cm D:57cm. Item no. 20859.


Børge Mogensen model 2226 'Spanish chair'. A pair.

Simply stunning & incredible patina to both oak & leather.

Paired since 1968. They had one home and one owner. 

Solid oak frames with original patinated saddle leather.

These are the older versions with the double cross bars to the back.

Designed by Mogensen 1958 & made by Fredericia Stolefabrik.

Difficult to find a more beautiful patina…

Original & mint patinated condition.

H:35/68cm W:82cm D:60cm Item no. 20830.


Arne Norell  - model Ari chair & ottoman.

The most beautiful & luxurious design & quality.

The straps to the back are a detail that calls for special attention but every single detail is stunning.

Exclusive black buffalo leather seat & cushion attached with adjustable snap-buttoned core leather strap.

Heavy & elegant chrome plated steel w/satin finish.

Exquisite & so appealing to the eye and here even

accompanied by matching ottoman w/ the signature straps.

Designed by Arne Norell 1966. Handmade by Norell.

Awarded “Showpiece of the year” in London 1973.

Exquisite quality by Norell AB (both are labelled)

Simply mint condition throughout.

Chair H:34/77cm W:65cm D:93cm.

Ottoman H:34cm W:65cm D:50cm. Item no. 21115.


Arne Norell -  model Ari.


The leather straps are a detail that calls for full attention.

Seat & back with exclusive buffalo leather attached w/ snap-buttoned

strap in full grain leather. Heavy & elegant steel frame. 

A classic to last for generations. Impeccable quality level.

Designed by Arne Norell 1966. Handmade by Norell.

Awarded “Showpiece of the year” in London 1973.

Exquisite quality throughout. Simply mint condition throughout.

H:34/78cm W:65cm D:95cm. Item no 20497.


Arne Hovmand Olsen teak dining chairs / Set of 5.




Attributed to Arne Hovmand Olsen.

Sculptural circular angled back rest & floating type seat.

Not only are they beautiful - they are highly comfortable  as well.

Beautiful warm and rich trak graining and colour.  

Stunningly well-maintained original condition.

H:44/77cm W:51cm D:52cm. Item no. 19768.


Erik Buch model 310 Arm - & dining chairs. Set of 6.

The Captain´s chairs / arm chairs - are exceedingly difficult to find

and here they are accompanied by four chairs without arm rest.

Very sculptural & very comfortable set of six. 

Angled frame & back rest – large seats.

Offering an exceptional wood grain & rich teak coloring throughout.

Design Erik Buch 1958 / Maker: Chr. Christiansen Møbelfabrik.

New foam & upholstery in soft black leatherette.

Fully restored. Beautiful.

H:46/80 W:50cm D:52cm. Item no. 20777.


Ejvind A. Johansson. Eye chair model 84. Set of 6.

Teak & leather. Rare. Beautiful. Iconic.

Stunningly sculptural & exquisitely well crafted.

Curved in the form of an eye – hand sculpted to join the back.

Doweled in front. Oval seat. Distinct angled frame.

Fully restored, Re-upholstered in black leather.   

Ejvind A. Johansson 1961/ Ivan Gern Møbelfabrik.

H:45/76cm  W:51cm D:48cm. Item no. 19725


Johs. Andersen 94 rosewood / Chr. Linneberg. Set of 4.

Stunningly well-crafted & sculptural dining chair model 94.

A set of 4 chairs w/ fully restored frames –

Original seats w/new cold foam & soft black faux leather. 

Model 94 was designed by Andersen in 1961.

Maker is Christian Linneberg Møbelfabrik.

H:44/77cm W:48cm D:48cm. Item no. 20168.


Verner Panton  'Cone' chair model K1.  A pair.

A sculpture. Surprisingly comfortable. Bold & beautiful. 

Early version.  An iconic chair by a playful Panton.

Steel swivel base & that sculptural cone shaped shell.

Body in metal and not in plastic like later versions.

Designed by Panton 1958 & made by Gebr. Nehl late 1960s.

Very good vintage condition w/original black leatherette.

H:47/84cm W:59cm D:60cm. Item no. 20300 A-B.


Hans J. Wegner 'The Chair' model JH 503. Oak

Hans J Wegner  'the chair' model JH 503 designed in 1949.

This worldwide well-known and appreciated icon is offered in

solid - perfectly patinated - oak with the original seat in stunningly

 well-kept black leather.  

Old model from maker Johannes Hansen (imprinted)

Fully restored frame. Well-groomed leather. Beautiful.

H:45/76cm W:64cm D:54cm. Item no. 18486


Hans J. Wegner model AP 62 / Rosewood & leather.

A rare Hans J. Wegner sofa w/ frame in Brazilian rosewood.

Original leather cushions w/ down filling. 

Beautiful circular detail on arm rests – both front and rear.

Brass detail / bushing. 

Restored frame & well maintained leather.

Maker is AP Stolen, Copenhagen 1960s

H: 40/75cm W:136cm D:75cm. Item no. 18738.


Rosewood model 21 / Korup Stolefabrik / Set of 5.

Beautiful & sculptural:  the deeply curved back-rest

& the tiny arm rests. Solid rosewood w/ply backrest. Angled rear posts.

Korup Stolefabrik (stamped)

No, Kai Kristiansen is not the designer. He never worked with Korup.

According to Kai himshelf he did not design the chair - rightfully

model 21 and not model 32 as often stated.  

Re-upholstered with high standard cold foam  & soft black faux leather.

H:45/76cm W:50cm D:53cm. Item no. 18638/701.


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