Finn Østergaard ‘Bern’ high backs. A pair.

Classic & very comfy high-backed arm chairs

In moulded beech bentwood frames and

stunningly well-kept natural jute webbing.

Design: Finn Østergaard 1978 for Kvist Møbler.

Excellent & very well-kept condition.

H:38/103 W:68cm D:75cm. Item no. 20623.

Price: pair / kr. 1.800,- On hold

Arne Norell lounge chair model Ari / Norell.

Stunning. The most beautiful & luxurious design.

The straps are a detail that calls for attention.

Exclusive buffalo leather used for seat & cushion,  attached w/ snap-buttoned strap in leather. Those straps are so eye catching.

Heavy & elegant steel frame. Exquisite & very appealing to the eye.

Designed by Arne Norell 1966. Handmade by Norell.

Awarded “Showpiece of the year” in London 1973.

Exquisite quality throughout.  Simply mint condition throughout.

H:34/78cm W:65cm D:95cm. Item no 20497.

Pris: kr. 24.000,-

Illum Wikkelsoe teak Plexus loveseat / sofa.

Sought & beautiful teak version of the Plexus loveseat

Cane & teak w/original cushions.

Wikkelsø for CFC/ C. F. Christensen. (labled)

Cushions with wear & stains. Reupholstery possibly needed.

Teak wood fully restored.  Cane beautiful & intact - of course.

H:42/75cm W:132cm D:66cm. Item no. 20457.


Rosewood three-seater & lounge chair.

Very elegant set. Clearly excellent quality throughout.

Organic shaped solid rosewood armrests & legs.

Cushions w/ original stunningly well-kept pale green upholstery.

We did not yet succeed in finding designer / manufacturer -

but this set is clearly well made in an excellent quality. 

Upholstery & cushions in excellent condition. Rosewood fully restored.

H:42/76cm B:79/197cm D:80cm. Vare nr. 20447.

Pris: 2-piece set / sofa & chair kr. 3.800,-

Hans J. Wegner AP 27 Mama bear. AP Stolen. 

This icon was designed by Wegner 1954. Nicknamed Mama Bear.

Manufactured by AP Stolen 1960s.

Sculptural high back arm- / lounge chair w/ arm pads in teak

& legs in solid light oak. Comes w/ the original head rest /cushion.

Upholstery in light wool fabric. Teak wood restored.

Some wear to the intact wool fabric.

H:41/104cm B:74cm D:83cm. Vare nr. 19260.


Erik Kirkegaard teak model 41 / Høng.

It´s a classic - designed by Kirkegaard in 1952.

Curved & sculptural armrests. Back rest w/ original leatherette.

Seat reupholstered in soft black leatherette. Stamped by Høng Stolefabrik.

Teak fully restored.

H:46/82cm W:61cm D:60cm. Item no. 20540.


Teak & leather ottoman / footrest.

Slanted version w/ conical angled teak legs and black leather.

Nice one.

Restored teak & well-kept leather.

H:30cm L:50cm W:36cm. Item no. 20574.


Erik Buch model 310. Teak. Set of 4.                       

Sculptural. Beautiful. Comfortable.

Fully restored frames. Re-upholstered.

Erik Buch model nr. 310 / Maker: Chr. Christiansen 1960s.

H:45/80 B:51 D:52cm. Vare nr.19906.

Pris: set / 4 stk.  Kr. 7.500,-

Brazilian rosewood dining chairs/ Set of 5.

Stamped: Nov. 1965.

Haven´t been able to find designer/manufacturer yet.

Stunning Brazilian rosewood grain.

Front legs square & rear legs rhombe shaped.

Manufactured 1965 in an excellent quality.  

Original well-kept black leatherette.  Fully restored frames.

H:43/75cm B:49cm D:49cm. Vare nr. 20414.

Pris: set of 5 / samlet kr. 1.500,-

Ole Wanscher / PJ 149 & PJ 149F Elm & cane

Colonial chair & foot stool /ottoman.

Beautiful pair. Maybe Wanscher’s  most iconic design from 1949.

The old model from maker P. Jeppesen. Elm wood w/ cane seats.

Original loose cushions w/ cotton/linen blend in blue color.

Stunning details & craftsmanship.

Both chair & ottoman labeled by P. Jeppesen Møbelfabrik.

Frames in mint condition. Cane intact – of course.

Chair H43/84cm B:65 D:65 Ottoman 40x60x40cm. Item 19473.

Pris: set  chair & ottoman / kr. 10.600,-

Bentwood & leather 3 seater sofa.

Stunning floating shape, an excellent quality & highly comfortable.

Three seater beech bentwood sofa w/ patchwork – high end quality – brown leather.  Simply stunningly well-kept throughout.

Excellent quality - Danish 1970s.

Re-finished & leather cared. Excellent condition.

H:46/94cm W:195cm D:85cm. Item no. 20593.


Illum Wikkelsoe teak Plexus loveseat / sofa.

Sought & beautiful teak version of the Plexus loveseat

Cane & teak w/original cushions.

Wikkelsø for CFC/ C. F. Christensen. (labled)

Stains/wear to the original cushions. Reupholstery possibly needed.

Teak parts fully restored.

Cane beautiful & intact - of course.

H:42/75cm W:132cm D:66cm. Item no. 20456.


Niels Koefoed model Eva. Rosewood. Set of 4+2.

A rare pair with stunning sculptural arm rests - four without arm rests.

Beautiful set of six. Quality is impeccable.  Solid rosewood & leather.

Very elegant chair by renowned Kofoed.

N. Koefoed 1964 / Stamped by maker Koefoed, Hornslet.

Seats new-upholstered w/ black high end quality leather.

Rosewood in mint condition.

H: 45/96cm B:48/53cm D:53cm  Vare nr. 20202.


Henry Rosengren Hansen rosewood model 39. Set of six.

Eye-catching details to this rare set of six dining chairs

Beautiful joinery, a floating seat, organic shapes,

distinct curved back-rest w/ sculpted details.

Attention to detail & a clear sense of quality.

Designed by renowned Henry Rosengren Hansen 1960.

Exquisite craftsmanship by Brande Møbelindustri 1960s.

Original seats w/ makers burn mark re-upholstered w/ quality

foam padding & soft black leatherette.  Frames in mint condition. 

H:44/76cm W:48cm D:49cm. Item no. 20473.


Arne Jacobsen 3108 The Lily / The Seagull. Set of 5.

Model 3108 designed by renowned Arne Jacobsen 1968 for the Danish National Bank, Copenhagen.

This stackable icon is often referred to as the Lily or the Seagull chair.

Chromed steel base w/ a bentwood molded seat.

Highly comfortable & very sculptural.  Original yellow color. 

This set remains in well kept condition & w/ firm back rests of course.

Carry original 1973 Fritz Hansen plastic cap covers.

H:43/79cm W:49cm D:48cm. Item no. 20526.


Ejvind A. Johansson. Eye chairs model 84. Set of 6.

Teak & leather. Rare. Beautiful. Iconic.

Stunningly sculptural & exquisitely well crafted.

Curved in the form of an eye – hand sculpted to join the back.

Doweled in front. Oval seat. Distinct angled frame.

Fully restored, Re-upholstered in black leather.   

Ejvind A. Johansson 1961/ Ivan Gern Møbelfabrik.

H:45/76cm B:51cm D:48cm. Vare nr. 19725


Kristian S. Vedel ”Modus” high back / Søren Willadsen.

A high back Brazilian rosewood Modus lounge chair.

Brazilian rosewood frame & black patinated leather.

Stunning iconic design by Vedel in 1963.

Exquisite quality & workmanship from Søren Willadsen.

Labeled by maker Søren Willdasen.

Frames restored. Original well-kept patinated leather.

H:36/77cm B:72cm D:61cm. Vare nr. 20427.


Verner Panton Cone chair model K1.  A pair.

A sculpture. Surprisingly comfortable chair.

Early version Sculptural. Iconic chair by a playful Panton.

Steel swivel base & that sculptural cone shaped shell.

Body in metal and not in plastic like later versions.

Designed by Panton 1958 & made by Gebr. Nehl late 1960s.

Very good vintage condition w/original black leatherette.

H:47/84cm B:59cm D:60cm. Vare nr.20300 A-B.


Hans J. Wegner / Pair of teak GE-270, Getama.

Very rare & stunning pair!!

This pair of GE-270 in solid teak offering beautiful sculpted armrests, 

slatted back rest, characteristic exposed brass fittings.

Original webbing, sprung cushions w/ original wool fabric.

Hans J. Wegner 1960 burn marked by maker: Getama, Gedsted.

The solid teak frames are fully restored.

H:42/79cm B:67cm D:77cm. Vare nr. 19839.


Harry Østergaard / Rosewood model 58  / Set of 8.

That beautiful folded lip back rest!!

Stunning set of eight model 58. Intense grained rosewood.

Legs are cylindric & tapered.

Characteristic cross formed base w/reupholstered seat.

Harry Østergaard 1957 / Randers Møbelfabrik 1960s. 

Excellent quality & workmanship. All stamped model 58.

Original seats w/ new cold foam & soft leatherette.

Frames fully restored.

H:45/78cm B:50cm D:50cm. Vare nr. 19541.


' Superstar'  lounge chairs & table. 

Rare high back chairs. Chromed steel & leather. Padded arm rests.

Canvas hammock. Chairs come w/ the table w/smoked glass top. 

Quality is impeccable. Controversial & rare.

Story goes: Superstar is the Danish 1971 version of the Falcon chair.

The distinctly similar Falcon was designed by Sigurd Ressell and

introduced by Vatne also in 1971. Result: lawsuit & court case.

Vatne won & the Danish production discontinued of course.

The ‘Superstar’ is quite rare for that reason. 

Very good vintage condition.

H: 44/100cm B:80 D:81cm Table: H: 46cm Ø90cm. Vare nr. 19842.    


Wikkelsø “Genius” lounge chairs / teak & leather. 

Beautiful, sculptural & well crafted.

Teak & loose cushions in dark brown leather w/ down filling.

Quality level is impeccable.

Teak frames, new webbing, incredibly well maintained leather.

Design: Illum Wikkelsø. Maker is Cfc / C.F. Christensen, Silkeborg .

Fully restored frames w/ stunningly well maintained leather. 

H: 39/77cm B: 75cm  D:73cm. Vare nr. 19376


Hans J. Wegner / AP 62 / Brazilian rosewood & leather.

Rare Hans J. Wegner sofa w/ frame in Brazilian rosewood.

Original leather cushions w/ down filling. 

Beautiful circular detail on arm rests – both front and rear.

Brass detail / bushing. 

Restored frame & well maintained leather.

Maker is AP Stolen, Copenhagen 1960s

H: 40/75cm B:136cm D:75cm. Vare nr. 18738.


Rosewood dining chairs / H.P. Hansen. Set of 5.

Solid Brazilian rosewood fully restored frames w/ a beautiful sculpted backrest and w/new cold foam & soft faux leather on seats.

Rosewood grain is dark & incredibly dense.  

Excellent quality. Labeled by maker: H P Hansen, Randers.

Fully restored.

H:44/82cm B:48cm D:50cm. Vare nr. 20291.

Pris:  Set of 5 / samlet  kr. 4.500,-

Finn Juhl arm chair Diplomat model 209. 

Designed 1961. The high back version.

Iconic chair by renowned Finn Juhl.

Solid mahogany & original well kept black leather.

Made by France & Søn.  

Fully restored. 

H:45/92cm W:69cm D:62cm. Item no. 20571.


Brazilian rosewood dining chairs / Set of 6.

Yes, you are right - they a r e smiling.  Chairs are all stamped: no. 31.

Great shape & incredible grain pattern to the backrest of this

beautiful & fully restored set. Excellent work & attention to detail. 

Quality is impeccable and all are stamped: no. 31.

New cold foam padding & black soft leatherette to original seats.

Frames fully restored. Beautiful.

H:45/82cm W:49cm D:49cm. Item no. 20443.


Johs. Andersen 94 rosewood Chr. Linneberg. Set of 4.

Stunningly well-crafted & sculptural dining chair model 94.

A set of 4 chairs w/ fully restored frames –

Original seats w/new cold foam & soft black faux leather. 

Model 94 was designed by Andersen in 1961.

Maker is Christian Linneberg Møbelfabrik.

H:44/77cm B:48cm D:48cm. Vare nr. 20168.


Kristian S. Vedel ”Modus” low back / Søren Willadsen.

A low back Brazilian rosewood Modus lounge chair.

Brazilian rosewood frame & black patinated leather.

Stunning iconic design by Vedel in 1963.

Exquisite quality & workmanship from Søren Willadsen.

Labeled by maker Søren Willadsen.

Frames restored. Original well-kept patinated leather.

H:36/66cm B:72cm D:61cm. Vare nr. 20428.


The Chair  / JH 503

Hans J Wegner  'the chair' model JH 503 designed in 1949.

This icon is offered in solid - perfectly patinated oak w/ original seat

with well-kept black leather. 

Old model from Johannes Hansen (imprinted)

Fully restored frame. Beautiful.

H:45/76cm B:64cm D:54cm. Vare nr. 18486


Kai Kristiansen rosewood Z- chairs / model 42. Set of 4.

No further introduction needed.

Beauties. Original & well-kept light brown leatherette.

Rosewood frames in stunningly well-kept original condition.

H:45/74cm B:55cm D:57cm. Vare nr. 20392.


Kai Kristiansen Z chair model 42 rosewood. Set of 5.

The stunning arm rests, the, the tilting curved backrest.

The angled rear posts emphasize the characteristics.

Designed by Kai Kristiansen 1956 – maker is Schou Andersen.

Rosewood frames in excellent original condition.

H:45/74cm B:55cm D:57cm. Vare nr. 20070.


Bruno Mathsson / Miranda lounge chair.

Sculptural beautiful & comfortable. 

Designed 1942 by master of chairs Bruno Mathsson.

Hemp webbing on a molded beech plywood frame.

Original adjustable head rest w/ original wool & leather straps.

Imprinted by maker of course. Excellent condition.

H:38/100cm B:64ccm D:90cm Vare nr. 19790.


Wegner GE290 / 3. Oak. Getama.

Designed in 1953 by renowned Hans J. Wegner for Getama.

3 seater in solid oak w/ beautiful plank arm rests.

Fully restored frame.

New high end quality wool fabric on the original sprung cushions.

The sofa has the designers & makers burn mark. Of course.

H:71cm Sædehøjde:41cm B:181cm D:83cm Vare nr. 19490.


Rosewood  model 32 / Korup Stolefabrik / Set of 5.

Beautiful & sculptural:  the deeply curved back-rest

& the tiny arm rests. Solid rosewood w/ply backrest. Angled rear posts.

Korup Stolefabrik (stamped)

Frames fully restored. New upholstery in soft black faux leather.

H:45/76cm B:50cm D:53cm. Vare nr. 18638/701.


Johs. Andersen model BA113 rosewood. Set of 4.        

Beautiful organic shaped bull horn chairs by Johannes Andersen

Stunning details. Sculptural gently re-finished rosewood frames

w/ original black vinyl upholstery in excellent condition.

Stamped year 1966.

Well crafted by maker Brdr. Andersens Møbelfabrik.

H:43/75 cm B:52cm D:50cm. Vare nr. 19737.


Villy Schou Andersen rosewood armchair.

Rare - beautiful & well crafted arm chair in rosewood.

Stunning wood grain throughout. 

Design & maker: Villy / Schou Andersen Møbelfabrik.

Original upholstery in leatherette.  Frame fully restored. 

H: 44/80cm B:57cm D:51cm. Vare nr. 19053


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