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Johs. Sorth model 521 Brazilian rosewood sideboard.

Grains beyond description!

Clearly well-built with very high standards.

Well-crafted profiled front,

Beautiful pulls to twin doors opening to shelves. Round tapered legs. Grains and cols!

Johannes Sorth, stamped model 521

Stamped by Bornholms Møbelfabrik, Neksø: ‘Model 521 / Sept 29th 1970’  

Fully restored.

H:77cm W:100cm D:43cm. Item 23007.

Price: kr. 3.200,- On hold

Hundevad rosewood double row low chest.

Superb quality, of course. The grain patterns!

Low & wide. Sought-after dimensions/type.  

Would work perfectly as a tv-stand or a low display stand / chest

for beautiful things.

Two rows each with two drawers. Sculpted pulls.

Gorgeous rosewood grain patterns throughout.

Impeccable quality level and woodwork.

Marked by maker Hundevad & Co and carries the Danish Furniture makers Quality Control mark as well. 

Fully restored. 

H:56cm W:138cm D:43cm. Item 23016.

Price: kr. 3.400,- On hold

Carlo Jensen rosewood sideboard / Hundevad.

Incredible rosewood grain patterns throughout ….

Clean lines, excellent wood-work and sought-after dimensions,

interior in birch offering three pull-out trays or drawers and pair

of adjustable shelves. Mounted on round tapered legs. Brass hinges.

The appreciated quality level from Hundevad.

Comes with pair of original keys working as grips.

Fully restored. Beautiful.

H:80cm W:138cm D: 44cm. Item 23028.

Price: kr. 3.700,- On hold

Dammand & Rasmussen rosewood model 151.

Clearly well-built with focus on woodwork & material.

This beautifully grained rosewood sideboard features front with

pair of sliding doors, rectangular, carved pulls in solid rosewood.

Interior in mahogany offers adjustable-height shelves.

Round tapered legs.

The fully restored sideboard carries makers label stating:

Model 151 / Dammand & Rasmussen, Viby J.

Restored & ready.

H:80cm W:143cm D:45cm. Item 22839.

Price: dkk 3.300,- On hold

Carlo Jensen rosewood bookcase / Hundevad.

Height-adjustable shelves

Adjustable vertical dividers


Sought-after dimensions.

The well-known Hundevad quality level.

Fully restored.

H:105cm W:108cm D:30cm. Item no 23031.

Price: kr. 1.900,- On hold

Frode Holm rosewood dresser, sideboard, vanity.

Rare and exquisite sideboard, secretary, vanity or dressing table.

Striking Brazilian rosewood fitted with various sized drawers with

casted brass swan neck handles, brass locks and a beautiful

original key. Raised lips to top. 

Clearly & obviously top-level quality, details to admire topped by exquisite rosewood grains. Man- and handmade and rare..

Purchased by previous owner March 1964 acc. to original receipt.

(comes with the piece)

Frode Holm 1950s. Illum’s Bolighus, Copenhagen´s metal plaque.

Simply amazing, restored condition.

H:72cm W:180cm D:42cm. Item 22209/A

Price: please inquire for price, thx.

Omann Jun model 13 rosewood highboard.

If you know – you know…

Easy recognizable and worldwide sought after…

and increasingly hard to find - specially in rosewood.

This beauty offers intense rosewood graining and is quality made with the characteristic, signature sculpted pulls and the patented distinctly tapered and slightly slanted legs.

The model 13 features four sliding doors & two drawers.

Inside: adjustable shelves & six drawers/pull-out trays.

High caliber craftsmanship by Omann Jun Møbelfabrik.

The sideboard carries maker´s old foil label.

Fully restored. Such a well-crafted & beautiful piece.

H:122cm W:180cm D:45cm. Item 22789.


Kai Kristiansen teak modular wall system. FM.

Exquisite and large 4-bay modular wall system …

Five wall brackets: the sought-after version with teak fronts,

10/ ten! shelves incl. the sought-after slanted magazine shelf,

a pair of highly appreciated drawer units each with four drawers

and the signature eyelid pulls, a drop-down cabinet, glass- and teak sliding doors cabinets. Original brass screws for wall-mounting.

and the original FM-logo key.

Designed by Kai Kristiansen 1958 for Feldballe Møbelfabrik/FM.

More units / shelves are labelled by maker.

This superb & stunning system is fully restored. 

H:236cm W: each 86 / total 344cm D:20-34cm.

Item no. 22812.


Rosewood sideboard / credenza.

Impressive. Massive. Rare.

This stunning sideboard provides for true storage bonanza with

storage behind four sliding doors: adjustable height shelves, and

each side drawers w/ well-crafted bowtie shaped integrated handles.

The XL sideboard shows a very high quality of materials and work-

manship and is showing off gorgeous rosewood grains and cols,

clean lines and a classic, subtle yet luxurious appearance.

The sliding doors with beautiful, sculpted handles.

The base with stretchers and tapered legs.

Danish cabinetmaker 1960s.

Fully restored. One to notice and admire.

H:90cm W:240cm D:50cm. Item 22769.


Hans J. Wegner chest/secretary bookcase. Ry Møbler.

Extremely rare.

Iconic design & craftsmanship beyond description.

Beautifully grained & bookmatched rosewood.

An ‘out-of-this-world’ Wegner two-piece:

a chest of four drawers - signature steel inlaid handles.

Almost floating steel base w/ rosewood ‘shoes’ – topped by a matching secretary-bookcase with fitted interior:

cubbies, letter tray w/ exposed finger joinery and lockable drawer

behind lockable drop-down door working as a desk-area.

Comes with a pair of original keys.

Hans J. Wegner early 1960s for Ry Møbler.

Both pieces stamped by Ry Møbler – stating date Jan. 7th 1965

Gently restored / amazing vintage condition.

H:72-100/172cm W:100cm D:33/49cm. Item 22710.


Ib Kofod-Larsen rosewood FA-66 Faarup Møbelfabrik.

Stunning, timeless & iconic FA-66 credenza/sideboard. 

Early version i.e sought-after hinges & amazing grains throughout.

An absolute minimum of design frills – every beautiful  

detail serving purposes: visual impact & storage facility.

Four drawers & four doors – all with integrated pulls.

Rosewood interior. Five pull out trays - check out the rosewood. 

Almost floating on a base with tapered legs.

A Danish Modern high caliber statement piece.

Ib Kofod-Larsen 1966 / Faarup Møbelfabrik (labelled)

Carries ‘Danish Furnituremakers Qual. Control’ label.

Refinished to perfection. Mint condition.

H:77cm W:230cm D:50cm. Item 21997.


H.W Klein rosewood mod 223/6  for Bramin

Superb quality, design & craftsmanship topped by stunning

details: a pair of wide – smoothly working – tambour doors,

floating base with triangular detached spider legs, tambour doors with spectacular steel handles, solid natural oak interior with

height adjustable shelves and on the left three with integrated

pulls below a cabinet.

Horizontal grain pattern meets the vertical pattern on front. Amazing Brazilian rosewood grains and cols. throughout this exceptionally well-crafted sideboard.

Designed in 1963 by Henry W. Klein

Expertly made by N.A Jørgensens Møbelfabrik / Bramin.

Fully restored & simply stunning.

H:114cm W:224cm D:44cm. Item 21998.


H.W. Klein rosewood credenza for Bramin.

Rare. Stunning.

Carved handles & amazing corner inlay details.

Distinctly curved and framed front. Insane wood grains.  

Sliding doors & drawers. Round tapered legs.

Interior offering height adjustable & drawers in oak.

Freestanding with finished back.

Superior quality & workmanship.

Design by Henry Walther Klein.

Labelled by maker N.A Jørgensen / Bramin. 

Gently and fully restored.

H:80cm W:225cm D:45cm. Item 19525.


Kai Winding rosewood double dresser for P. Jeppesen.

A rare find..

High caliber materials and impressive woodwork.

Refined, timeless and an almost understated elegance.

Double dresser / double row  / five drawers each side - milled pulls.

Top drawers are lockable / pair of keys incl.

Interior well-crafted in mahogany.

Mounted on round tapered legs.

Design: Kai Winding for maker PJ / P. Jeppesen.

Fully restored.

H:85cm W:110cm D:41cm. Item no. 20035.


Arne Vodder rosewood sideboard / Sibast.

Impressive. Amazing rosewood grains.

Front features four doors enclosing sliding trays,  bar interior

with mirrored wall and built-in light in addition to three drawers

and adjustable shelves.

Vodder signature pulls – eye catching & well-crafted. 

Solid rosewood base with stretcher & square-ish legs.

Fully restored and beautiful.

Design: Arne Vodder for maker Sibast.

H: 106cm W:220cm D:46cm.  Item 22349.

Price: kr. 10.800,- On hold

Ejvind A. Johansson model 91 Ivan Gern Møbelfabrik.

Extremely rare ..

Quality and craftsmanship beyond any description.....

This masterpiece features the most insane grains throughout

and the most stunning sculpted pulls.

Slanted and framed front. Round tapered legs.

An exquisite and amazing collector´s piece.

Designed by Ejvind A. Johansson / model 91.

Burn mark by esteemed maker Ivan Gern Møbelfabrik.

Fully restored.

H:82cm W:90cm D:45cm. Item no. 22276.


N.O Møller model N20 rosewood sideboard.

Quality and construction out of this world.

Rare, timeless, and collectible Møller model N20 featuring two

sliding doors with milled handles, internal drawers and height

adjustable shelves.

Top features raised lip around the perimeter.

As beautifully built as it is designed and well-proportioned with 

a clean, simplified Danish Modern DNA silhouette.

Lifted by solid rosewood round tapered legs.

Niels Otto Møller / J. L Møllers Møbelfabrik. 

Simply amazing mint original condition.  

H:80cm W:210cm D:48cm. Item 22208.


Johannes Andersen rosewood HB10 board / Hans Bech.

Extremely rare and off the scale.

One of the most sublime high boards we ever had.

Details, quality & workmanship beyond description.

Two larger sliding doors w/ sculpted handles four smaller sliding doors with sculpted handles each adding the quarter of a circle.

The brass detail on base. The way the legs merge w/ body!.

Front corners have stunning profile details.

Lost for words. We let the pictures do the talking. 

Johannes Andersen HB10 variant / Hans Bech Møbelfabrik.

Fully restored – simply amazing.

H:117cm W:200cm D:43cm. Item no. 20771.


Rosewood sideboard model 54 Schou Andersen. 

Rare & impressive! Col and grains!!

A “stepped” Brazilian rosewood sideboard featuring sculpted

framed inlays on each sliding door.

Book matched grain patterns & the most amazing cols.

The doors slide to reveal three individual areas with adjustable

shelves and removable drawers.

Four lower drawers providing additional useful storage.

Beautiful sculpted handles.

Base showing off stunning & detailed craftsmanship.

High caliber work from Schou Andersen Møbelfabrik.

Mint condition. Top is re-finished. Amazing.

H:125cm W:190cm D:53cm.  Item no. 22134.


Arne Vodder rosewood tambour sideboard for Sibast.

Perfect proportions, instantly recognizable & simply beautiful.

Stunning – even - and also - from a distance.

High caliber Vodder low sideboard in beautifully grained rosewood.

Front features pair of ingenious tambour doors with the rare steel signature pulls. Interior with shelving & two trays.

Perfect proportions, instantly recognizable & simply beautiful.

Incredible grain throughout – but in particular to the front.

Arne Vodder 1965 / Sibast Møbelfabrik. Labelled by maker.

Round tapered legs.

Fully restored.

H:80cm W:150cm D:47cm. Item no. 21357.


Rosewood tall boy dresser mod. 11 /  P. Westergaard.

Insane rosewood grain pattern!

Simply beautiful tall six drawer dresser w/ the signature pulls.

You see it - immediately & from a distance - this one is nice!  

Clearly labeled by P. Westergaard, Silkeborg / model 11.

Marked 9-10-1969.

Fully restored. 

H:102cm W:76cm D:41cm. Item no. 20718. 


Arne Vodder tambour board model 37 / Sibast.

Rare. Beautiful. Well-crafted. Fully restored.

Profiled front w / two tambour doors w/ carved pulls.

Inside in birch: height adj. shelves & pull out trays/drawers.

Base w/ conical legs. Freestanding actually.

Clearly labeled by maker Sibast & this timeless board

also carries the Danish quality control label.

Excellent fully restored/refinished condition.

H:80cm W: 190cm D:47cm. Item no. 20721.


Hans J. Wegner ”President” / RY25.

Iconic & beautiful teak RY-25. A gem designed by Wegner in 1959.

Front  w/ two smoothly working tambour doors w/ beautiful signature

pulls in teak & steel. Interior in fully restored natural light oak:  height adjustable shelves & pull out trays. Round tapered teak legs.

Hans J. Wegner 1959. Manufactured by RY Møbler.

Carry the Danish Furniture Makers Control metal badge.

H:80cm B:200cm D:49cm. Vare nr. 20404.


Omann Jun. model 18 Teak sideboard.       

High quality teak sideboard model 18 by Omann Jun. 1961

Front w/ 2 sliding doors w/ characteristic Omann pulls. 

4 drawers w/ recessed pulls.

Top drawer w/ pull out tray. Interior w/ adjustable shelving.

The characteristic patented Omann tapering legs.

Fully restored. 

H:85cm B:200cm D: 47,5 cm. Item no. 18447.


Poul Cadovius rosewood modular wall system / Cado.

All wooden system, this ‘Cado’ system in richly grained rosewood

offering four solid rosewood racks/brackets, a sought-after sliding

door cabinet with height-adjustable shelf inside, topped by eight

shelves – one /depth 40cm suitable as desk leaf or working  spot


Customizable shelving/storage by the master himself:

Cadovious designed the world´s first modular wall system as early

as 1948….

It is timeless, insanely versatile, ingeniously designed, and made w/ focus on quality & craftsmanship. Poul Cadovious for Cado 1960s.

Restored and ready for a new wall.

H:racks 3x158 1x77cm W:80/240cm D:24/40cm. Item 23018.

Price: dkk 4.200,- On hold

G. Tibergaard Nielsen teak secretary. Ikast Møbelfab.

Craftsman´s details!

Highly versatile & fully restored …

This Tibergaard teak secretary desk offers both smaller and larger drawers, teak pulls, and brass knob pulls, a large pull-out desk leaf

with brass knobs,

cubbies, raised sides to top, a curved front..

Sitting on a base with round tapered solid teak legs.

Stamped:  ‘Designed by Tibergaard / Made in Denmark’

Gunnar Tibergaard Nielsen / Ikast Møbelfabrik 1960s.

Fully restored.

H:114cm W:85cm D:25/44cm. Item 23038.

Price: dkk 2.700,- On hold

Kai Kristiansen / FM rosewood wall-system.

The Brazilian rosewood grains!!

Modular wall system, ingeniously designed by Kai Kristiansen

for Feldballe Møbelfabrik.

The quality is superb and the versatility and flexibility highly appreciated…

Simply slot the four shelves onto the black metal uprights ..

Kai Kristiansen 1958 FM / Feldballe Møbelfabrik.

Fully restored. Grain patterns to notice & admire.

H:175cm (brackets) W:86 D:120 3x25cm. Item 22819.

Price: kr. 1.800,-

Hundevad rosewood tall bookcase. H:195cm.

Tall and slim … and quite difficult to photoshoot.

Recessed, height-adjustable shelves w/beveled fronts.

Saving floor space & maximizing shelving space with a height

of impressive 197cm and a width of  70cm only.

Resting sturdy on a plinth base.

Gorgeous rosewood grains and intense col.

Excellent quality & timeless design.

Carries well-presesrved label from maker Hundevad.

Fully restored.

H:195cm W: 70cm D:31cm. Item 23030.

Price: kr. 1.200,- On hold

Omann Jun rosewood cabinet.

The appreciated high standards, an intense rosewood grain pattern throughout topped by sought after dimensions.

Front featuring two drawers above twin doors – opening to interior

with height adjustable shelves.

Integrated pulls. Mounted on round tapered legs.

Made by Omann Jun Møbelfabrik.

Fully restored.

H:83cm W:120cm D:43cm. Item 22824.


Poul Cadovius teak standing ‘Royal’ system.

An unbelievably rare ‘Royal’ version…

Standing teak customizable shelving and storage system in the extremely rare version with teak floor stands featuring ant legs showing off superb craftsmanship with exposed fingerjoinery.

Ingeniously designed as the ant legs make it easier to build up

the system – allowing it to lean against the wall with the ant legs

giving adequate and firm support.

Very versatile with numerous configuration options.

Features two cabinets: one is the sought-after braided veneer

front, one with sliding doors, seven shelves and pair of working

spot (D: 40/44cm)  Gorgeous teak hue and grains.

The ant-legs standing version is extremely rare.   

Poul Cadovius / Royal system for Cado.

The shelves are all embossed ‘Made in Denmark’.

Fully restored.

H: 224cm W:80/240cm D:20/24 – 40/44cm. Item 22536.   


Rosewood high board.

High standards! Superb, this one…

Clearly excellent choice of material, gorgeous rosewood grain

patterns & cols. throughout combined with excellent craftsmanship, clean lines, and a clear Mid Century Modern aesthetic.


Four sliding doors above eight drawers.

Interior in mahogany offering height adjustable shelves and pull-out trays. The carved pulls are spectacular!!

Base with stretcher and tapered legs.

Fully restored.

H:118cm W:190cm D:42cm. Item 22807.


Wikkelsø rosewood double chest / ML Mikael Laursen.

You see it immediately. ..this one is remarkable

Amazingly well-crafted, detailed, and very rare.

Double row. Brass & core leather pulls.

That floating detail where legs meet body.

Brazilian rosewood. Finished back / freestanding.

Bevelled frame to front.

Superb woodwork & choice of materials. 

Illum Wikkelsø for ML / Mikael Laursen, Mørke.

Fully restored and stunning.

H:83cm W:120cm D:51cm. Item 22633.


Teak secretary-bookcase.

Stunning, detailed, spacious yet refined and clearly well-built:

Slight bow front

Shelves & a large pull-out desk leaf

Cubbies, small and larger drawers

Envelope type pulls

Round tapered legs.

A striking resemblance to Erling Torvits secretaries made by

Klim Møbelfabrik but the beauty is unmarked.

Fully restored.

H:144cm W:100cm D:42cm. Item 22784.


Johannes Andersen mod. HB21 / Hans Bech.

Extremely rare and 'out of this world' Brazilian rosewood HB21

tributing the exquisite work of designer Johannes Andersen and maker Hans Bech: 

two large smoothly working tambour doors above four doors

and four drawers. Insanely well-crafted sculpted / carved pulls. 

Solid oak interior w/ adjustable shelves and a bar compartment. 

Body / case curves at bottom - echoed by the arced form of the spectacular base. Simply extraordinary high-level craftsmanship.

Design: Johannes Andersen 1968 for high-end maker Hans Bech.

Litt: Mobilia 1968 no. 158.

The most insane original condition we ever saw (like new). 

H:128cm W:200cm D:45cm. Item no. 22117.


E. W Bach rosewood high board by Sejling.

This beautiful rosewood board shows of the well-known Sejling

quality materials & excellent craftsmanship.

Stunning rosewood drawings in the wood throughout topped

by dark and amazing cols. 

Front with four sliding doors & four drawers.

Interior w/ adjustable shelves & a bar compartment offering the characteristic signature pull out trays and mirror with etched

harlequin checkered pattern.

E. W Bach for Sejling Skabe 1960s.

Fully restored.

H:112 cm W:196cm D:44 cm. Item 22509.


U. & J. Holm Rio rosewood model BT60 BT Reolen.

‘meets the most fastidious buyer´s wish to have well-dimensioned

and aesthetic quality made furniture’

Quote:  BT Reolen, Horsens / old catalogue 1969.

Brazilian rosewood grains beyond description to the twin doors.

This BT60 offers an impressive quality level throughout.

Rosewood interior with shelves.

Dark & intense rosewood grains. A pair of original keys.

Mounted on round tapered legs.

Sought-after dimensions.

Ulla & Jens Holm for maker BT Reolen, Horsens. (catalogue 1969)

Fully restored.

H:77cm W:143cm D:42,5cm Item no. 22406.


Kai Kristiansen model 394 rosewood sideboard.

If you know – you know…

Designed by esteemed Kai Kristiansen and expertly made by

high-end maker Aksel Kjersgaard  this low sideboard or chest of

drawer model 394 is clearly an amazingly well-crafted piece.

Stunning rosewood grain. Carved circular pulls.

Not much description needed.

Marked by maker Aksel Kjersgaard, Odder.

Fully restored.

H:52,5cm W:118cm D:36cm. Item 19831.


Johs Andersen teak dresser / vanity / CFC.

Rare. One to notice and remember.

Stunning 2-piece dresser / vanity with a mirror / drawer unit

with two small drawers on top and a dresser with three larger

drawers beneath. Decidedly organic shapes throughout.

Beautiful and detailed beyond description with the Johannes Andersen signature curves. Clearly well-crafted by CFC. 

Mirror unit and dresser are easily separated and they would

work well also as separate pieces.   

Designed by Johannes Andersen - marked ‘model 26’

Expertly made by CFC, C.F Christensen, Silkeborg.

Restored / wear consistent with age and use.

H:126cm /dresser 73cm W:96cm D: 44cm. Item 22329.


Danish cabinetmaker walnut high board.

Rare one.  Impressive. One to remember.

We are thinking Jacob Kjær... 

Grain pattern to front is beyond description.

Eight drawers w/brass handles flanked by twin doors.

Interior in birch with height adjustable shelves.

Appreciated dimensions.

Resting on a base with stretcher and square profiled legs.

Highlæy elegant and refined... 

Fully restored. 

H:128cm  W:150cm  D:41cm   Item no. 22284.


Johs Andersen credenza mod 160 / Bernhard Pedersen.

An impressive piece!

Stunningly well-crafted and remarkable model 160 by esteemed Johannes Andersen offering rich rosewood grains and col.

Front features four doors and 4 drawers – all with square and

recessed pulls. Brass hinges.

Inside height adjustable shelves & pull-out trays. 

Resting on six solid rosewood legs. 

Johs Andersen for Bernhard Pedersen & Søn.

Introduced at the Danish Furniture fair 1965.

Fully restored.

H:86cm W:234cm D:54cm. Item 22268.


Rosewood sideboard.

Bookmatched grains patterns. Quality, design, grains!  

Front with three sliding doors with inset pulls.

Insane rosewood grain pattern configurations & cols.

Behind sliding doors: three compartments w/shelves.

Round tapered legs. Sought-after dimensions.

Not much description needed: a remarkable piece.

Fully restored.

H:65cm W:150cm D:52cm. Item no. 22224.


Poul Cadovius System Cado modular wall system

Outstanding & iconic rosewood customizable wall system with

a rarely seen  table section w/ drop leaf allowing length 170cm.

Numerous options with five uprights, nine shelves, a working area

/ desk leaf, a glass sliding door cabinet, a drop down door cabinet,

A beautiful rosewood grain & col throughout. Original key.

Shelves & uprights all embossed: Made in Denmark.

Design: Poul Cadovius 1960 Maker: Cado.

Fully restored & simply stunning.

H:uprights 112/202cm W:4x80cm/320cm D:22-38cm.

Table:71x80x120/170cm. Comes without the chairs. Item 21055.


Børge Mogensen mod. 232 C.M. Madsen/Fdb.

This beautiful icon was designed by Mogensen in 1954.

It features the characteristic & stunning circular key-grip handles

in brass & that well-crafted solid oak base.

Natural light oak w/ shallow drawers & shelves in birch.

Børge Mogensen 1954.

Excellent craftsmanship by C.M. Madsen for Fdb. (stamped)

Fully restored with insignificant wear.

H:94cm W:122cm D:45cm. Item no. 21332.


Rosewood credenza mod. 65 Skovby Møbelfabrik.

Model 65 sideboard in a dark & beautiful rosewood.

High caliber well-made piece offering five staircase drawers

with integrated pulls & two sliding doors with beautiful sculpted pulls. Inside height adjustable shelving. 

Profiled tapered legs. Slanted edges to front. Impressive & beautiful.

Clearly labelled by maker SM / Skovby Møbelfabrik.

Original &  mint condition.

H:82cm W:220cm D:47cm. Item no. 21195.


Mogens Koch Modular storage. Elm. Set of 14 units.

Designed in 1932 by Mogens Koch. Worldwide appreciated.

A minimalist, aesthetic & beautiful storage system,

All 14 units labeled Rud. Rasmussen. No screws - Only finger joints.

7 book cases - working both horizontally & vertically,

2 cabinets & 5 plinths. Two original Rud. Rasmussen engraved keys.

One cabinet w/ pull out trays. No screws. Elegant profiled fronts.

Excellent condition w/ the highly demanded patina.

Units all carry the Rud Rasmussens old paper label.

Dimensions / units: H/W: 76x76 D: 27,5-36cm.  Item no. 19481.


Ib Kofod-Larsen FA 66 rosewood. Faarup Møbelfabrik.

Details serving only the purposes:  visual impact & storage facility.

Four drawers & four doors – all w/ integrated pulls. 

Rosewood interior. Pull out trays in beech.

Provenance: Collected at Faarup Møbelfabriks former owner´s

office. Used as a show piece only, it never left the building which

is still owned by the family.

Designed by Kofod-Larsen 1966 & made by Faarup Møbelfabrik.

Mint condition.

H:76cm W:230cm D:50cm. Item no. 20284.


Omann Jun / model 18 / Rosewood side board.       

Stunning model 18.  Amazing wood grain. Designed in 1961.

Front w/ 2 sliding doors. Characteristic pulls.

Drawers w/ recessed pulls. Interior w/ adjustable shelving.

The beautiful Omann round tapering legs. 

Every detail made to perfection. Labeled by maker Omann Jun.

Fully restored.

H:85cm W:200cm D: 47,5 cm. Item no. 19458.


Kai Kristiansen teak modular shelving / FM.

Large 3 bay wall mounted modular shelving system: 

Featuring black wall bars, eight shelves, a writing desk  / working

leaf unit with two drawers with integrated pulls, three storage

units / cabinets w/ pull out trays & shelves.

Kai Kristiansen for FM /Feldballe Møbelfabrik 1960s.(labelled)

Fully restored.

H:200 B:3x86 Desk leaf 41. Shelves: 2x29 4x25 1x15. Item no. 18675.


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